Best Five (5) Cloud Computing Service Providers

When it comes to cloud computing, what comes to your mind? According to Wikipedia, cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. Businesses this days strive to keep up pace with market trends, this therefore makes them seek expansion for their enterprise application. Considering all these the best they can do is to source for cloud computing so as to outsource their infrastructural needs, but selecting the right service provider is sometimes complicating and discouraging, which makes it difficult to identify the best they can choose from. In this article, we shall be reviewing a list of top five (5) cloud computing service providers who have stamp their feet on the cloud computing system, and this has made them a force to reckon with in this growing market.

Amazon Web Service – A seasoned provider of cloud computing services, Amazon provides you with series of utilities that gives you cheap but scalable infrastructural service for that reliability on computing service and storage facilities you wish for as a company. Amazon has Elastic Compute Cloud Service, Also known as EC2, which is a cloud-based service that users can make use of to create virtual machines and run software of their choice on a unique need basis. Clients can use the server and pay per hour, which enables them have control over their location and deployment. Another wonderful thing is that it has a feature which allows users work directly with Simple Storage Service (S3) (a part of Amazon Web Services), this allows users to store and retrieve unlimited data, and all that is needed is the payment of resources used.

Google Application Engine – A champion in the tech world and internet, Google cannot be underestimated when it comes to cloud computing services, with the use of its Google App Engine targeted at development and hosting of web applications, Google uses its infrastructure and data centers to make this work. Languages supported by this engine consist of Ruby, Python and Java amongst other. Bearing this in mind developers have no worries over start up cost and recurring expenses with the much available services provided by this engine. So next time you want to source for cloud computing service you can consider this.

Microsoft Azure - Just as other internet and tech giants, Microsoft uses Microsoft Azure to ensure that it's cloud computing service is not left out of the pack. Microsoft Azure gives users or developer's the enablement to use Microsoft infrastructure and data centers for their development, hosting and running of web applications.
Microsoft Azure through it's unique capabilities allows users to gain access to computing environments, scalable storage, database functionality and a content delivery network.
This is one of the best experience you can get.

Rackspace – Regarded as the leader in web hosting on cloud base platform, Rackspace provides ease of use server and on-demand solutions to clients who need to get online without hassle and with no need to invest in hardware. Here also, users pay hourly and have control over server instances. The sweet part is that they provide wonderful customer support service in rapid response to problems, technical support and giving beneficial solutions to customer’s request.

Salesforce – This unique software tagged salesforce, distributes business application within the cloud. Salesforce helps keep businesses with customer relationship connected and improve sales, through its management services. Through the Salesforce infrastructural platform developers alike can create add-on-applications together with the Salesforce solution. Definitely these five (5) cloud computing service providers are not the only ones available, they’re merely reviewed to give you a background search of your business needs when searching for one to venture into.

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