Five (5) Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Tiny House Movement

Based on many advantages Tiny House Movement possess, it's not too much to say that there are some things Small Businesses can learn from Tiny House Movement. These advantages include; financial freedom, environmental and leisure enjoyment.

Another thing to look out for is the reduced high maintenance costs and exoneration from expenses that come from increased mortgage payments of bighouses. This technique also gives you free time for yourself, time to spend with family and probably recreation. Here is a list of core five (5) things, small businesses can learn from tiny house movement.

Compatibility and Mobility

People who own tiny house usually take their house with them wherever they go to on the back of their vehicle, so they have no worries over mobility and also worry less on lodging fees. So also depending on the type of your business, you can choose to make it compact with the availability of internet, ,mobile and smart phones, and beauty of digital world. This means that even if you change location, your business can still be as portable as you want it to be. So why not make your small business compact and get substantial return on investment.

Save Energy and Cost

Tiny house teaches you how to operate low cost on energy and maintenance. Therefore as a small business owner, you tend to cut cost on budget and free up cash for other relevant investment. This makes your small business work more efficiently and effectively.

Sustainable Environment

Tiny houses are sometimes built with multi-purposeful and environmentally friendly materials. This construction is based on longevity yet portable and beautiful, just as in large houses. Small businesses can also be built based on this ideology, so as to a have a unique, but small scale and innovative business.

Technologically Inclined

Gone are the days when people use to think of technology as big and bulky, just as large computers are being converted into small ones as in the case of laptops, so also is the case of tiny houses compared to large houses. This means that as small business owners you can convert your business into small scale yet retain the properties of the actual large business.


The idea of tiny houses is not a new phenomenon as its popularity has increased drastically. Tiny house is a form of creativity on residential property, which keeps innovation abreast with daily living. The same goes for small businesses if you are bound to take your business to another level. Small businesses need to be innovative in making quality purchases and outsource services that will save cost on equipments and budgeting. Although there are lots of things to learn from tiny house movement, it is certain that not all of these tips can fit in to your desired industry. There is no need for exchanging what you can afford for what you can best give, therefore regardless of the size of the business, you can still make it creative, lucrative and still give wonderful business experience to your customers. .

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